Concenetrate on Robotics Perception and AI Aolutions.

SHENZHEN LDROBOT CO., LTD. was founded in 2017, is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development, production and global sales of robotics, artificial intelligence and related core technologies.

 Based on independent research and development and innovation, the company builds the "central nervous system" of mobile robots through technologies such as environment reconstruction and perception, map construction and autonomous navigation, dynamic object recognition, machine learning, motion control, cloud computing and cloud services.

Currently, LDROBOT has more than 200 core intellectual property rights in AI and robotics technologies, with nearly 200 patents and more than 20 soft wares, and a global IP system covering the core fields of robot environment reconstruction and recognition, machine vision, deep learning and artificial intelligence.

LDROBOT has become the most core technology and product suppliers in cleaning robots, commercial service robots and home partner robots, etc. In 2018, LDROBOT was awarded as the most influential robotics company, won the China High Value Patent Award, and the team has undertaken a number of Guangdong Province and Shenzhen Science and Technology Tackling Projects, and the core team was selected for the Shenzhen High-level Talent Plan.

In the future, LDROBOT aims to become the most influential company in the field of global mobile robotics, striving hard, persisting in innovation, cooperating in good faith, achieving self-achievement through the achievements of others, and establishing a set of "sensing, cognition, learning to improve" system to respond to the fast-changing world.

Development Milestones

With super enthusiasm to help customers succeed, becoming the most competitive robotics environment perception and intelligent mobility solutions provider.

Company Culture

Listen is more rewarding than talk, participation is more powerful than being led, team is stronger than individuals.
Company vision

Robotics Perception and Mobile Intelligence Specialist.

Enterprise Mission

Innovation creates value, Technology improves life.

Core values

Fighting, Integrity, Innovation, Achievement, Feedback.

Core Competencies

To become a leading supplier in robotics envirionment perception and intellegent mobility solutions, we have been consistently working hard.
LDROBOT has been focusing on robot environment perception and intelligent mobility solutions. Since its establishment, LDROBOT has concentrated on Robotics R&D, manufacturing and sales of the sensors, algorithms, hardware platforms, control systems and APP. In the field of sensors, the main products for mass sale include Triangular LDS, Solidline Lidar, 3D Depth Camera and TOF Lidar. In the field of robot full solutions, we are selling a number of different processors of the core algorithm board, control board, APP and corresponding robot firmware. At the same time, we can help customers to design the robot chassis so that customers can launch their new products to the market quickly. So far, LDROBOT have successfully sold more than one million sets of robot products and solutions to the market.
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Core Technologies
LDROBOT founding team adheres its good robot technology background and consistent delver spirit, we have accumulated rich experiences in design and development of the robot environment perception and intelligence mobilities. Meanwhile, on the basis of constantly absorbing the voices and feedback from the customer and market after the products sold to the market, LDROBOT R&D team innovates boldly, upgrades continuously on the function and precision of sensor, to improve the product strength and stability of the overall solution robot.
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IP Patents
LDROBOT has applied series of patents all over the world. At present, we have owned more than 300 patents in AI and robotics sensors, positioning, navigation and intelligent motion, including about 200 invention patents, more than 20 softcopy rights, a few invention patents registered in Europe and USA, and more than 10 PCT protection in overseas. We are able to conduct rapid patent search and risk aversion for customers' products in different country markets to make customers' products to be sold in the global market without any worries.
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LDROBOT is a high-tech start-up company with rapid development. Since its establishment at the end of 2017, LDROBOT has applied for more than 300 patents in just four years, more than two-thirds of which are invention patents, our invention patents are systematic and comprehensive to develop and protect our business in Robotics field all-around the world. LDROBOT has been certified as a national high-tech enterprise since December 2019, and we have undertaken several high-tech special projects for the government.
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