Since establishment, LDROBOT has been deeply researching and developing the core sensor of robotics environmental perception. Generally, the robot encounters thousands of different environments and circumstances, which brings a huge challenge to the robot in its environmental awareness and perception abilities. On the other hand, because of the small family model and the evolution of the division of labor refinement, consumers hope the robotics intelligence and intuition experience more like a human being, this is always the initiation and facilitation that LDROBOT put energy and resources in the research into more accurate robotics 3D environmental perception sensors. Till now, LDROBOT has released more than 10 environmental perception sensor modules for multi-dimensional application scenarios, including TOF, LIDAR and other core technologies. With stable product performance and quality, LDROBOT sensor modules are deeply loved and respected by customers.
Since LDROBOT built the first LiDAR sweeping robot system in 2017, we have launched five different indoor robot cleaner system and algorithm platform shortly. According to the branding customer’s requirements on the cost, function, and target market of the robot cleaner, we can provide quick custom development to the robot. Currently, the indoor robot cleaner market is rising at a high speed, LDROBOT has successfully helped more than 20 international famous branding customers entering to the global market. We can provide high flexible solutions on the customization, we have from high precision robotics sensors, robot motion driving module, algorithm platform, LDS and vision dual navigation system, robot chassis structure design and robot production function test and overall quality control system establishment capabilities.
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